Coaching Fees & Packages and Work Groups

So now that I am interested, how do I get started? 

First, it is important that you and I meet.  However, I do not want you to feel as if you have to pay up-front to decide if you want to pursue this opportunity or not.  So the first step is a free (no investment on your part) fifteen-minute phone call. 

Second, if you chose one of the packages offered in twelve or eighteen unit increments, then we will need to make a 45 - 90 minute appointment in order for me to get to know your history.  The initial session allows me to effectively coach you by gaining an understanding of some traditional history about your past and present.  I want to explore the "messages" or scripts in your life, especially the negative ones that hold you back. For instance, if your dad's message to you as a child was, "You will never amount to a hill of beans," then you probably are unconsciously sabotaging yourself in some way that is keeping you from feeling successful. 

We will not sit around in your twenty-minute coaching session and explore the root of that message but both of us may find it very helpful to be aware of it if we find we hit a stalemate where progress is not being made.  This first appointment can take place in my office, by phone or by a confidential video session called VSEE.  If you choose VSEE, I will send you the link that is completely free.  Our virtual face-to-face sessions will then take place over VSEE. 

Third, we begin the coaching.  You decide what it is that you want to focus on with the three-step directives.  You decide how often you want to meet.  We will set up a schedule and move forward from there.  The Twenty Minute Coach is awesome because it has a beginning, an end, and twenty-minute action-orientated steps in between.  We assess the progress halfway through to see how you like this process and your progress.  At the end of your sessions, you can decide what to do next.


Face- to -Face Consult: 60 Minutes                       $125.00

Face-to- Face Consult:  90 Minutes                       $200.00


3 twenty-minute coaching sessions 
package must be used in 60 days         $139.99

twenty-minute coaching sessions 
package must be used in 90 days         $275.00

12 twenty-minute coaching sessions
($49.00 each) or 12 for                         $550.00
package must be used in six months or 180 days

18 twenty-minute coaching sessions
($49.00 each) or 18 for                         $825.00

package must be used in six months or 180 days

1 twenty-minute coaching sessions
($49.00 each)                                       $49.00

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